4 comments on “Little Pilaf sleeping in my hand

  1. Isn’t that the cutest thing!! I adore birds. Have owned a couple of parakeets and a love bird, all of which talked! Very very sweet!

    • Thank you very much. That’s so awesome that you had birds too!
      Did your love bird talk too?
      Pilaf, my love bird, doesn’t talk. They rarely talk. But I have heard that when they are around other birds that talk, that they learn it from them.

      • Yes my love bird talked, can you believe it? He would say “good night” and “where’s my belly button?” It was hysterical. That’s all he said though. My parakeets both had a huge vocabulary. Your little Pilaf is very adorable.

      • Thank you very much. That is so awesome that your love bird spoke. So funny ‘where’s my belly button’….that hilarious!

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